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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Only in the Valley - Nearly Nude Women Arrested Wanting Sex

I was the science teacher in Lansford PA for 33 years. I am very proud of most of my students. They have gone on to be teachers - doctors - lawyers - nurses. They have served the community well. As a teacher you never know how large a sphere you influence.

Many of my students make the newspaper - sometimes positively and other times negatively. They seldom surprise me with ways of making the news. 

This time one of my students made the news for a truly odd reason. To show you how small the community is - not only did I teach this young man - I taught his mother. 

At first when I read this story on Facebook - I thought it was a joke. Surely nothing like this happened - and surely no newspaper would write it up this way. But alas - I went the the Times-News web page - typed in "nude" and there it was.

This story truly gives a new meaning to being caught with your pants down.

Click Here for Nude Women Arrest Story

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