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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FSU School Library Media Program Ranked Top in the Nation

The US News and World Report Magazine - world famous for their lists and rankings - has chosen the Florida State University School Library Media School as the top program in the country. The school concentrates on developing school librarians. They offer an MLS (Master of Library Science) and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) - two graduate degrees in the field. 

The magazine goes on to say - this program is for future librarians who like to work with young people, a graduate degree in school library media prepares them to work in elementary, middle, and high schools. These are the top graduate programs for school library media.
Wikipedia says - U.S. News & World Report is an American news magazine published from Washington, D.C. Along with Time and Newsweek it was for many years a leading news weekly, focusing more than its counterparts on political, economic, health and
education stories. In recent years, it has become particularly known for its ranking system and annual reports on American colleges, graduate schools and hospitals. Since June 2008, the magazine has gradually reduced its publication frequency three times, switching first from weekly to biweekly, then going monthly in November 2008. In November 2010, it was reported that U.S News and World Report would be switched to an online-only format, effective after it published its December issue; it will still publish special issues in print on colleges, hospitals, and personal finance.

FSU has been ranked number 1 in the nation in football - now it is number 1 in the nation in School Library Media.

Lulu is the director of the school library media program.

See Magazine Story Here

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