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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cajun Food in New Orleans

Monday night we had supper with Marcia Mardis at LeBayou on Bourbon Street.  It was late for supper and after  getting turned down at 3 places with a long wait - we took this place because it had a table. The food was excellent - with lots of local flavor.

Tuesday afternoon - I had lunch at Rocky and Carlo's. It is in Chalmette - a bayou town where the Battle of New Orleans was fought. This area is 9 miles down the river from town - I rode my folding bike there. The place was a plain block building with a truss roof covered with painted plywood. It was new from after Katrina - fantastic food - prices low - lots of locals that live in "Katrina" trailers. You can tell they feed lots of people there. Biking home - against the wind - I got sun burned. Temps here are 50s and 60s - but breezy and sunny.

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