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Monday, March 25, 2013

Arriving at the City of New Orleans

We are ready to have five great days in the Crescent City. It was 6.5 hours door to door from Seminole Drive to our Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street in the French Quarter.

It is crystal clear and breezy here. Only 55 degrees.

The Prius made the trip on 9 gallons and got 40 miles per gallon. We were driving into a strong headwind.

We left home at 8 am and pulled into our hotel at 2:30 pm our time. We stopped 3 times to stretch.

The sun was on our back all the way over the empty I-10.

This is my third trip to the Katrina City since the 2005 disaster. Many homes and businesses still look like they were bombed out.

Lots of pictures waiting out there for me to take them home.

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