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Friday, February 08, 2013

First Day at Sea on the Disney Dream Oceanliner

We left Tallahassee at 7 AM - drove to Cape Canaveral via Ocala. In Ocala we stopped to see a camper. We arrived at ship side at 1 PM. We parked in a covered garage on the third floor because you could walk the gang plank from that level. Check-in was quick and easy thanks to the computers. By 1:30 we walked into our room door - they allowed us to carry our bags on. In our cabin there is a digital porthole - meaning a round screen with a camera on the stern of the rail outside. Our room is 10 x 20 with about a 4 x 6 bathroom. The bathroom is much roomier than other ships we were on - including a full bathtub. Everything is crisp and new - this ship built in Germany - went in Service in 2011. We are in room 9009 - port side - near the bow. It is just up two sets of steps to the main deck - where the pools and buffet is.

The main concourse is pretty - not nearly as big as the grand cavern on the Royal Caribbean - but nicely appointed.

There are kids on board - about 25% of the passengers. At our dinner table we approved of having kids at our table. We have two 16 years old girls and 1 boy about 11. They are really nice kids. There are 8 at our table - we are right next to a 6 foot round port hole. We will eat with the same people - have the same waiters - but move to three different dining rooms. We had shrimp - lobster - steak - and several other courses. 

Here are a few boats in Port Canaveral an expansive man made harbor.

This ship was carrying phosphates to China.

There is lots of original Disney art all over the place.


Disney caters to kids with water parks and slides.

The top attraction is this water flume ride. Look for pictures from within from Lulu's new camera.

They had a bon voyage party on the top deck.

We had lunch on the deck with the Kennedy Space Center VAB building in the background.

Nancy loves the pretty mosiacs.

The sports bar carries all the ESPN and ABC games. Disney - imagine that.

Lunch included these giant shrimp and crab legs.

I added these photos from the flume ride at 10 AM - 

The flume ride starts out about 60 feet above the top deck - then descends about 02 feet over maybe 200 yards.

You can ride the flume one person or two people per raft. It takes a while when you wait in line because they only let one raft in the tube at a time. If I were running it - it would 10 rafts going at once. The flume opened at 9 AM - we were second in line. Lulu's camera is waterproof - but she got yelled at for using it. I took a second ride and hid the camera until I was going - then took pictures - then quickly put it in my pocket in the last turn. Kids have to be 42 inches tall to ride it.

Breakfast was very nice - not many people were awake at 8 AM. The choices were too numerous to list - but something different was chocolate pancakes - there goes the diet for the day.

It is 10 AM now - we are going into Nassau now - I will take the laptop and download this story at the McDonalds.

Notes from Lulu:  Harry loves cruises because he does not have to open his wallet.  I'm a little surprised about the amount of alcoholic drinks that they are pushing on board.  We usually don't succumb but today's drink of the day is  "Yellow Bird" which reminds me of the Sunbirds that my friend Bonnie and I used to have at the Polynesian Resort Beach while our kids played in the sand so I just might have to.  Another favorite of mine is fireworks and they are launching them from the ship at 10:30 tonight.   

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