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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Duke Is At Tallahassee At 2PM - Later - Duke won by 19

We got nice seats in section A1 for $40 each.

We went to the game on the scooter without tickets. We parked the scooter free at the law school lot. the game was supposed to be sold out but there were plenty of people selling extras outside. 

We got two tickets in section A1 for $40 each. The face value was $55 - which is highway robbery for a college basketball game. Duke brings out a crowd - but at tip off there were plenty of empty seats. People still know how to waste money by buying tickets and then watching the game at home. 

The game started at 2 PM - by 2:10 Duke had a 10-0 lead. Their lead went up as high as 30 points. FSU was happy to lost by 19. The game was over by 4PM and we were home at 4:11. The temperature was 62 - and it was sunny - but it still felt cold on the scooter.

In the first half it seemed that everything Duke threw up was a score. 

The next chance to play Duke is in the ACC Tournament in Greensboro.

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