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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Seminoles Are On The Road

On Thursday - we are following the Seminoles north. For 10 days we will be on the road up in the cold country. We will fly to Washington - Keith will be waiting for us there to drive to Virginia. There we will join Drew for a Thursday night nationally televised game in Blacksburg with Virginia Tech. We will also visit with Jackie and Tami at the game. Jackie found us 4 tickets together for the game and a parking pass.

Then we will go to Richmond where Lulu will get to see Drew's new house - and the grandkids.

After that visit we will go to Washington DC where Lulu has business to do. Then the following Saturday - the four of us will again get together to see FSU play at College Park MD. After that game we will fly home from Washington.

The Seminole have a horrible track record of playing up north - at night - in the cold - on national TV. Blacksburg will be a big test. It is the first time the 4 Everhart's will see Blacksburg - Virginia Tech - and a game the Hokie's Lane Stadium. Va Tech has a cadet corps that fires a cannon after each score. 

The cannon idea was started by Homer Hickam - the writer whose life was portrayed in October Sky. He went to Virginia Tech on a full scholarship for winning the national science fair with his rocket nozzle design. Homer is one of my heroes.

Follow along with us here.

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