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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fans Not Impressed With ACC Championship Game

The ACC football championship game is being played in Charlotte NC this Saturday. Florida State (10-2) will play Georgia Tech (6-6). The winner will wear the crown and play in the Orange Bowl for a very nice paycheck. 

It is startling to see how unpopular this game is. I judge the interest mainly by the prices that tickets are selling for on the Internet and how much the hotels are getting for the game.

Lulu wanted to go to this game for months. She booked a suite of rooms in a hotel right next to the stadium for $119. If Drew and/or Keith wanted to come to the game - there would be room for everyone. We shopped online and tickets at Stubhub were fetching under $10. Face values of the tickets hover at $100 plus.

Due to FSU's poor performance against Florida this weekend - and also several other ACC teams losing to SEC teams - our interest has waned. FSU is way out of the national championship hunt - and by looking at Craigslist Tallahassee - you see tons of people selling off their tickets. I did not look forward to the 8 hours drive north - maybe a loss - and 8 hours back home. Lulu's brother Jack even wanted to come to party with us - but after spending 11 days on the road up north for 2 games - our hearts were not in it. Lulu and I are just getting over head colds - that was also a factor.

Today we got a few emails from Jack - saying that he and Tami were still going. He was very proud of the deals he found. He got a luxury hotel within walking distance on Priceline - picked up two game tickets - and a super duper parking pass - all for under $100!  Imagine that when tickets for the SEC game between Alabama and Georgia are starting at $300+ on the Net. 

If you look at the ACC standings you will see that FSU only beat one really good team - Clemson. The other games were Wake - Maryland - Duke - Boston College.  The only other winning record team they beat was Miami 7-5.  

The ACC is a mess right now. Maryland seems to be the only winner because they are joining the Big 10. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are joining the ACC - and every is betting that Connecticut will replace Maryland. The Huskies just started playing football a few years ago.

FSU is favored but they seemed to have been favored in every game they played. They are 2-9 against the spread - that means the gambling mob expected them to do even better. 

FSU just lost a coach - Mark Stoops is going to be the new head coach at Kentucky. Tallahassee is a buzz with the rumor that Auburn wants Jimbo Fisher for $5 million. The guy wants to go to the SEC - and you can't blame him for taking the money. Quite frankly - not too many fans have much good to say about him. At least FSU will be off the hook for the long term deal they gave him. If he does leave - I hope FSU does a wide open cattle call for a new coach.

FSU Volleyball is playing in the NCAA Playoffs right here at home on Friday and Saturday. They are 27-3 and a joy to watch. We'll be there. Go Nolettes!

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