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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Other Highlights From Our Trip to Two FSU Games - Virginia - Maryland - Washington

The Blair House - across the street from the White House. This was Harry Truman's white house. Someone tried to kill him right where I am standing.

They are setting up the parade watching stands for Obama.

Cafe Mozart - is a deli - store - restaurant - bar in Washington that is stocked with all German products. Check out the pastries.

Cafe Mozart with steins for sale.

German candies.

German meats.

There is not such thing as bad ice cream - France - Germany - Italy - Britain - USA.

My son lived in this basement apartment at one time on New Hampshire Avenue.

Our hotel was by Dupont Circle. There is a statue of George Washington in the middle of the circle.

When there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan - he was brought to the emergency room at George Washington University Hospital.

It was a gray day in DC and the reflecting pond was not too reflective.

Three soldiers stand guard at the Vietnam Memorial. It is a shame that our country wasted 55,000 soldiers for absolutely nothing.

David Verbilla was my age and he lived in Tamaqua. Vietnam Memorial. Only two men from Tamaqua got killed in that war.

Howard "Buddy" Donald was a friend of mine. He was the quarterback of my junior varsity football team. He was older than me by a year - but I had my drivers license before him. I took him to Schuylkill to take his drivers test. When we got there - I did not have my drivers license because my Dad was "holding" it. So we went back to Tamaqua to find my sister Judy. She went along and Buddy got his license. Vietnam Memorial.

My son's office is at this address.

Georgetown Hoya Bulldog at the basketball game.

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