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Monday, September 03, 2012

Romney Running Mate Paul Ryan Lying About His Marathon Time

Not only does he lie about his running time - the record book say 4 hours and 1 minute - he says 2 hours 50 minutes - but he says he does not run marathonS anymore. He only ran one.

When I was a teacher at Panther Valley School District - we had a superintendent that claimed he was a Navy Seal. He worked for 3 years making $100,000 a year - before he was caught by a real Navy Seal that looked it up. He was fired - mainly for that - but when they looked up his records - he did not even have a real Superintendent's license.

They tried this guy in court - and the court later ruled that you can't be put in jail for lying about your military record. Can you be elected vice president for lying about your Marathon Race time?

A marathon in 4 hours is about 6.5 MPH

A marathon in 3 hours is about 8.7 MPH

Lulu and I on our daily walk do a pace of 3 MPH - we do it for 3 miles. Well maybe some times we do it for 2 miles. Maybe sometimes we don't do it every day.

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