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Friday, September 14, 2012

motorheads - MARK HOHMEISTER Races His Mustang

Here is Mark Hohmeister - "high master" of having fun.

Last night was the charter meeting of "motorheads." It is an informal group of 4 middle aged car nuts. We met through our wives and have a lot of common interests.

We met at our house - and for 2 hours we ate and discussed cars. No girls allowed - Lulu took her former professor Phyllis out to supper.

Nothing was decided about what we will do next.

SEE VIDEO on next page.

Mark Hohmeister was there with his Mustang. During the day - Mark is "Jimmy Olson" writing for our metropolitan newspaper. On weekends - he becomes "Superman" - racing his 1991 Mustang with a Ford 302 V8 in it.  Mark drives his Mustang daily - he even drives it to race events 3 hours away. Then he gets out and does a speed change to his 4 gummy tires that ride in his back seat. On the Indy circuit - they change 4 tires in 3 seconds. On a fast day Mark does it in 20 minutes.

This summer - I had the pleasure of going to Moultrie Georgia - to ride along with Mark on one of his many adventures. Enjoy the pictures and video of the race.

"Hohmeister"means high master. It is obvious from the video that Mark is a high master of having fun.

Racing - inside and outside. Start the bottom video when the top video hits 1:10.

If you co-ordinate the two videos - you can see the "high master" reaching speeds of 65 MPH.

That's me in there - ready for my first ride. It is a 1991 Ford Mustang - sorta a Boss 302.

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