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Monday, January 09, 2012

Lulu Teaching From Honolulu

Lulu has her garnet and gold FSU Hawaii shirt on since she is teaching her FSU grad class at 1 PM HST - 6 PM EST. She paid $3 for the shirt over the weekend at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.

If you look closely over Lulu's shoulder - you will see a sailboat flying the FSU garnet and gold colors.

We are lined up in our Waikiki condo at our computers - it is noon here - 5 PM back home. Lulu teaches a class today for FSU at 6 PM EST. This is the introductory class of the semester. She has students from all over the world working on their MLS - Master of Library Science - degree.

Yesterday - when we were taking our surfing lessons - we found out that the sister of the surfing instructor and videographer - is one of Lulu's students. Isn't that strange? His sister is getting ready to line up her internship. Lulu use to be in charge of assigning interns. The sister is in Pasadena.

Lulu's students are from all over the world and the United States. One of the benefits of taking courses online at FSU is that students pay in-state tuition rates. It is a chance to get an MLS from one of the top library science schools in the world.

If everything goes wrong - we leave here tomorrow - Tuesday - at 5:45 PM on an 8.5 hour long ride to Atlanta. If everything goes right - we get bumped from out flight - get a $1300 travel voucher - and fly home the next day. Wish us bad luck :-)

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