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Sunday, January 15, 2012

FSU Pummels UNC Sends Them Running From Arena With 14 Seconds To Go - Heads Under Towels

The big black dot marks our seats - the arena was sold out - but we got seats outside for face value - $21.

This is the scene from our seats right before Carolina Coach Roy Williams removed his "stars" from the court - and ran out of the arena with 14 seconds left with their heads covered with towels. The Noles won 90-57 on national TV.

Last year on almost exactly the same date - Florida State beat the National Champion Duke Blue Devils sending the crowd storming onto the court. Lulu and I watched the game under the covers in a freezing motel room in Atlanta on our iphone. We missed getting home for the big game because weather stranded us in San Diego - then Atlanta. At that time I vowed that if this ever happened again - I was going to storm the court.

Yesterday - the Seminole let history repeat itself. It was a sellout crowd - the game was on national Gameday television. the whole world was watching it seemed. Everyone - including Lulu and I - expected the Noles to get embarrassed by the third ranked Tar Heels. Their lineup was filled with future NBA stars. But not his day - the Seminoles shined - leading from the very first basket and extending the lead to 33 at the very end. The Noles won 90-57 - and David Dulkys from Lithuania scored 33 points.

Students were lining up in the aisles with 5 minutes to go. Everyone wanted to be captured celebrating on national television - everyone except the Carolina Tar Heels. their heels were not stuck in the tars this time - as they ran from the court with towels on their heads with 14 seconds to go. Coach Roy Williams even took off ahead - almost leaving his team behind him in the dust. See my video - the coach was only worried about his own hide. The fans waited until the clock ran out - but the Tar Heels were long gone - as the entire arena seemed to stream onto the floor.

Lulu did not want to come along - she got some great camera shots from the safety of the stands. But after the action under the sheets in Atlanta last year - I was not going to miss this again. I ran onto the court with video camera running - hoping to make my own Zapruder film. The dream really happened - I got it on my SD-RAM card. Next Saturday Noles must go to Cameron to play the Dukes . And Lulu will be watching it in a hotel in Dallas.

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