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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Free Upgrade To First Class

Lulu and I just boarded our flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. We were given free upgrades to first class. We are on a 757 - seats 6c and 6d.

It is overcast in Atlanta but not raining.

It is a 5.5 hour flight - arriving there at 3:30 PST.

I should be able to get some nice photos. I have two larger windows and no Wong in the way. I am on the right side so my view of the USA will be looking north.

The airline gives you free upgrades for being a loyal customer.

Lulu and I did not check any bags in case we got bumped. We each have 2 bags carried on.

There is a 6-10 guy across the aisle in basketball gear - must be NBA.

Must go now. They are buttoning up. Plane looks full.

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