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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Day 6 - We Spent the Whole Day in Kailua Beach

This is Kailua Beach on the east shore of Oahu. This is where president Obama spends Christmas. We walked the beach up and back - 5 miles - just beautiful surf - sand - color - breezes - houses - and sun burn.

Kailua Beach is famous for two things. It is the Far West White House where President Obama likes to spend Christmas. It is also the town where the Kailua Elementary School is - the one that was selected the best in the state by Lulu's Vision Tour. To me - Kailua Beach is the nicest in the world. Too bad it is so far away.

We spent the whole day in Kailua Beach. First - we visited Darren Tanaka at his school library. It is over a year since he got the library award and we shared what life has been for him since then. He showed us some of his latest projects - like the garden outside the library door and the hatchery where they raise Tilapia fish.

Next we went to Buzz's Steak House right on the beach. Who would think that Hawaii is famous for steak houses. This is the third steak I have had here - cattle is the main money crop of the Big Island. This time is was a steak salad - but so far I have not paid more than $12 for a steak dinner.

After dinner - we walked to the beach. Lulu and I locked up all our toys in the car - no iPhones - no cameras - no wallets - nothing to lose but one car key. I promised Lulu two undivided hours on the beach - I even put sun tan lotion on my back. After the promised two hours - Lulu decided that we walk - we walked the entire beach from end to end and back - a total of 5 miles. It is such a beautiful beach - and the sun lotion protected me as I walked north. Unfortunately - the walk south was slower and my bare white belly turned to a bright red. The lowering of the sun did not help much - and it gave new meaning to the term cherry belly.

We piled into the car for the "short" 15 miles ride home. I expected traffic into Honolulu to be light at 5 PM - unfortunately - there was an Elton John concert in town which back up traffic on the two lane road.

So far - Lulu has laid out on beaches here - north - Wiamea Bay - west - Disney Aulani - south - Waikiki - and now east - Kailua Beach.

Today - it is the Aloha Bowl Swap Meet and the Pacific Air Museum (Tora Tora Tora). Tomorrow are the surfing lesson with Honolulu Lulu.

Back in 1988 - I paid $2500 for my first Mac - like this one. The kids at Kailua turned it into a first bowl.

Just outside the Kailua Elementary Library - Darren Tanaka's students have a garden and raise Tilapia - a fresh water food fish.

Imagine going to school in January to a school like this. A beautiful breeze - temperature in the high 70s - tropical plants grow everywhere like weeds - shorts and sandals are the norm.

This was sunset last night when we got home to our condo from Kailua. The sun smiled at me after giving me the gift of a cherry belly memory.

Blue - that is our condo in Waikiki - Green - that is Pearl Harbor where Japan attacked us in 1941 - Purple - that is Honolulu Harbor where the whales swam into town - Orange - Disney Aulani Resort - Black - Dole Pineapple Plantation - Yellow - Waimea Bay where we saw 20 foot waves - Red - Kailua Beach - my vote for best beach in the world.

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