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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Day 1 - Trip to Hawaii

It is 7:30 AM - we are all packed for our 11 day adventure. We leave for the airport at 8:30.

First flight is Tallahassee to Atlanta on Delta. Then another flight to Los Angeles.

The next two nights will be spent in Pasadena. Lulu has always wanted to see the Rose Parade - so here we go. She even bought parade tickets up front - so there is no way to back out.

Temperatures in Pasadena for the parade are expected to be mild - rising to 80 during the day. It is supposed to be dry too.

Our friends - Josh and Meliaas Gross used to live in Pasadena - and they have given us some tips on places to visit.

Lulu still has Gold Medallion status on Delta - my status dropped to Silver medallion last night at midnight. Expect her to end up in first class and leave me in coach. One time when she was moved to first class - she brought a drink back to me. A stewardess was on her heels - took the glass "glass" away from me and poured it into a paper cup. I guess she was afraid I would stab someone with glass shards - back in heathen land.

I will keep everyone posted here. Expect lots of pictures.

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