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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Predator Drone - The Future of Military Attack Aviation

Barely 20 feet long - the Predator Drone is the weapon of choice in the Middle East. I took this picture at the London Air Show.

When Keith and I were at the National Air Show in London last year - the Military /Industrial Complex was busy selling their goodies to the highest bidder. Probably the Predator Drone had the least impressive appearance. It is smaller than Piper Cub - reminds me of the radio control planes the local modelers fly in the cotton fields around here. But in this case - our drones are being piloted from an air base in Nevada. Kids that cut their teeth on video games are the new "top guns."

The Predator is so small - it has a tiny footprint on radar. Since it has no pilot on board - it can stay in the air for days. It is not such a big deal if one is shot down. It has a camera that can scout the area - if it finds the enemy - it can release laser guided missiles - or pinpoint targets for the giant ballistic missiles.

What bothered me most - in London - they seemed to be for sale to the highest bidder. Shoppers were walking around with their booty bags full of sale brochures. I wonder if they could use their credit card and order them online.

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