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Friday, October 07, 2011

LuLu Is In Boise IDAHO

Fall arrives early over the Boise Capitol. That is a replica of the Liberty Bell out front.

Lulu is busy fulfilling her obligations as past president of the AASL. She is presenting at the Idaho Library Association Convention in Boise.

She left Tallahassee yesterday morning - flew to Atlanta - then Salt Lake City - finally arriving in Boise after a few delays - 9 hours later. Tomorrow morning early - she will catch a plane back home going through Minneapolis and Atlanta.

Since the Seminoles play at noon at Wake Forest - Lulu will be in the air during most of the game. So the word will be mum when she gets home to watch the game on the DVR.

Boise was cold and rainy - temperature in the 40s. She left 80s and sunshine here in Florida. I did not go along because it was such a short turnaround.

Next week is a big trip. We have a week in Brazil. I guess I will go along on that one - since we have 4 days extra in Rio. The country of Brazil passed a law setting up 167,000 school libraries. So far they have zero. Lulu is being called in to help out setting this whole thing up. It is kind of funny - because in America many schools are cutting their library programs and Brazil booming and wants to have school libraries like the USA. Something is wrong with this picture.

Lulu said I will be allow to take all the pictures I want at Ipanema Beach. Supposedly they wear very little bathing suits there. Stay tuned for photos.

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