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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last Day In Sao Paulo Really Nice - I Fly Home At Midnight - Tonight

This is the Museum of Modern Art in downtown San Paulo.
Lulu is busy at her conference - the weather is really nice - so I decided to do the town. I used cabs to get between points of interest to save time - and this is a really big city.

First stop was the Museum of Football. Soccer is a way of life here - I would swear a ball falls out as afterbirth when these kids are born. Watching pickup games here - kids look like college all-stars in the USA. The museum is in the catacombs of the Muncipal Stadium. It has lots of multi-media activity. There are lots of pictures linking different players to different period happenings in the world.

Brazil has won the World Cup five times. They also host the World Cup in 2012 and the Olympics in 2016. The world is going to be seeing a lot of this booming country.

After that - it was a cab to the Museum of Modern Art. It is a very modern building in the heart of downtown. The building stands up on a set of 4 stilts that are about 50 feet high. Lulu said during Mondays - a farmers' market is set up there. But the best thing about Tuesday is that the admission was free.

Although it is called the Museum of Modern Art - I thought most of the painting were historic in nature. There were several paintings by Picasso - Cezanne - Rembrandt - Velazquez - Monet - Van Eyck - Van Gogh - Matisse - Degas - Dali - Renoir. The painting were within 2 feet of your nose - and their was no protective glass. You could really examine them.

The cab ride home was through a lot of traffic. The streets are narrow and the traffic moves very fast. It is very common to shift lanes quickly cutting off other drivers. I swear that such tactic would cause lots of fistfights in the USA. Also - there a re many cycles and scooters that "split lanes" - with two lanes of traffic the motorcycles used the "lane" between the two cars. In America - that would make many people angry - I could see people opening their doors for sport. Here - it is a way of life.

I fly at midnight - Lulu stay and extra day for a presentation. Then she is off straight to Chicago for some ALA meetings. She won't get home until Saturday - too late to go to the Maryland at FSU football game. She hates missing those games.

Sao Paulo - San Paulo - St Paul - San Palooo - take your choice. It is the biggest city in Latin America. Things are booming here - the recession seems to have passed this country by. The world might want to look here to see what they are doing differently than the rest of us. I would not prefer to live here than the USA - but you can learn something from everyone.

This is the main street in San Paulo.

There are lots of cars in the city - but these human powered carts still do a lot of work. The brakes is a board with a piece of tire under it.

In the Soccer Museum - I thought this guy holding they yellow card was funny.

This is inside the Municipal Stadium in San Paulo.

In the museum store - they sold plenty of Arsenal garb - the team form London is very popular here.

The stadium is made of poured concrete that looks like poured concrete. No effort was made to smooth the rough edges in construction.

When I took this pictures - the old trucks were used by the farmers. There was a big farmers' market behind me.

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