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Monday, October 03, 2011

Just Got Back From A Trip to Sneads FL

See the 6 towns I visited today on US Route 90. You can take that highway all the way to El Paso TX.
I told these guys I would put their picture on my page. They helped me load up the truck. They are neat kids - live in a cool place - surrounded by beautiful country. Brian is the oldest he is fixing to turn 16 and Logan is 9.

Sneads is 50 miles west of Tallahassee on US Route 90 - the old southern route across the country from Jacksonville FL to El Paso TX. I saw a truck part I wanted on Craigslist there and decided to drive over and pick it up.

Tallahassee is surrounded in all direction by trees - mostly pine forests. It is pretty country - and the people are country too.

US 90 parallels I-10 now - but this two-laner goes thru every little downtown - Midway - then Quincy - Gretna - Chattahoochee - and finally Sneads. Quincy has its big old courthouse and the rest of the towns have small post offices along their main streets. It is a portal through old America and time.

I arrived at their little ranchette - across from the football field in Sneads. Two boys were out behind the house hunting quail with their shotguns. When I got there they helped me load up the truck part - and we talked about the local football team. Last week - there was a brawl after the football game here in town at Leon High School - and the boys said it was their school that was in it.

It was getting dark as I pulled out of their long sandy driveway. The 50 mile trip back to town was very quiet - most of the time I was the only person on the road.

There is a giant dam called Lake Seminole just north of Sneads and Chattahoochee. You could see the water rolling over the breast from the highway. On a map it looks like it is bigger than Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania. This dam also produces electricity. I checked the altimeter and it read 220 feet above sea level. The highest spot in the state is farther out the panhandle - about 300 feet about sea level. Who said Florida is flat? It is along here where Georgia - Alabama - and Florida meet. I'll bet you didn't know that I was over in the Central Time Zone for a spell.

Yes - I got a truck today - but that is for another story.

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