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Monday, October 31, 2011

Florida State Pounds NC State - 34-0

FSU scores early on the quarterback option.

Lulu was on the road to Minnesota for an AASL convention. I was home alone - game was at noon - and it was still only 60 degrees and breezy. I was tempted to stay home and watch it on TV.

At 11:30 - I pushed the scooter out of the garage - and away I went. There were hundreds of tickets for sale outside the stadium. This is what a 4-3 record will do to "loyal" FSU fans. A lady split a pair and gave me one for free. the ticket was on the goal line - 6th row.

I was at my seats at 10 minutes to kickoff - and the place was only 1/3 full. FSU fans always arrive late because there is no beer for sale in the stadium. About have way through the 1st quarter - FSU was ahead 14-0 - and the stadium had filled up to supposedly 72,000.

My seat was good and I got a few neat pictures from there.

I got text from George and Joel Dawson - saying they were going to watch the game on my TV - they did not get ESPN2. At half time - I was alone - decided to go out to the scooter - and ride home for the second half. the weather improve to 70s and the cloud disappeared. It was a good ride home.

I watched the rest of the game with friends at home.

This Thursday - Florida State plays a night game at Boston College.

My seat gave me a good view of the bench and the "Golden Girls."

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