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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are You in the Top 1%

If you made $343,000 a year - you were in the top 1%. You also made 17% of the country's wealth in 2009 and paid 37% of the income taxes.

That means a single filer who made $343,927 or more in 2009 is in the top 1 percentile. A married couple with two kids and combined earnings of $343,927 or more also was among the top earners in the country. The 2009 figures are the latest the IRS has tallied.

The 1.4 million Americans in the IRS' top taxpayer category in 2009 reported nearly 17 percent of all the country's taxable income. From those filers, the IRS collected $318 billion or almost 37 percent of all the individual taxes paid in 2009.

If you made $32,000 - you were in the top 50%.

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