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Monday, June 27, 2011

Nighttime in the City of New Orleans

You can't ruin a city with a hurricane - especially when the hurricane is the favorite drink here. Bourbon Street and the French Quarter remained dry during Hurricane Katrina. This area seems as magical and as vibrant as ever.

Farther back from the river - homes are still a pile of rubble. Remember - along the Mississippi - the land is slightly higher because of the thousands of years of floods and the mud they pile up. It is almost like the river is on a raised platform.

Long video - fast forward to 4:15.

Lulu had a big banquet last night. I took a little stroll down Bourbon Street with my camera at belt level. It was relatively quiet compared to Saturday - the night before.

Walking down Bourbon Street reminds me of the old days in the 1950s - walking down Broad St in Tamaqua PA. The only thing you are missing is the Railroad Crossing and Leo Schilling crank the gates up and down.

The lights of the city from our hotel suite beckon me to go for a walk. By the way - that is the same sky where President Bush did his slow pass flyover to show the people he cared.

Some people come to New Orleans for the action. What draws me are beignots (French doughnuts). The Cafe Du Monde along the river in the French Quarter serves them around the clock. 3 for $2. These are mine from last night. Lulu may have been at a banquet - but I was at a feast. Simple pleasures.

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