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Monday, June 13, 2011

Harry's First Electric Car

Back in 1975 - Lulu and I drove all the way to Pittsburgh to drive a CitiCar. At the time they were made in Sebring Florida. They went about 25 mph for 25 miles. They had 6 - 6 volts batteries. They were fully enclosed and cost $2500. That was 36 years ago.

1975 Citicar

They have been making electric cars for over 100 years. In the 1900's women loved them because all other cars required hand cranking which was very dangerous. When the electric starter came along - it doomed the electric car.

When the Fitchle came out in 1905 - it boasted 100 miles on a charge. Even the latest Nissan Leaf only goes 75 miles on a charge.

1905 Fritchle made in Denver

My golf cart is a 2008 Club Car Precedent. It has 4 - 12 volt batteries - for a total of 48 volts. It goes 16 mph for about 20 miles. It has the same basic parts of all electric cars - batteries - motor - controller. The controller varies the amount of current that gets to the motor. Brakes - tires - and steering are similar on all vehicles. My cart has a charger that plugs into a standard home outlet. In a couple hours - for a few pennies - the batteries are charged. If you live in an area where they charge you less for power at night - you can put a timer on your charger to only go on during the cheap charging period. In London - there are several places along the street where you can park and charge for free. This is an incentive to get people into electric cars.

Four - 12 volt batteries Trojan batteries under the front seat. This is where you store all the power you need for 20 miles of driving.

I took off the rack for golf clubs - and installed the rear seat that turns to a pickup truck. I plan to build a stake side box that sits in the back.

New - this golf cart cost $6900 in August of 2008. I had new tires and mag wheels installed.

My compliments to Shane Burgess of TNT for all his help.

I will use the cart to run errands around the neighborhood. Florida law allows carts to be used on streets under 35 mph. On a test I was able to easily reach Doak Campbell Stadium on the back streets avoiding highways. I will use the cart to carry tools between my properties - and also to taking Lulu parking.

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