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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day From 98 Degree Tallahassee

Tallahassee has been having a heat wave. For the last two weeks - it has been above 95 degrees every day. We have had very little rain. On Wednesday - we set a record all time high of 105 degree here.

Today - we celebrate Fathers Day. Son Drew called early - and we video chatted with Jack and Kate - it is hard to imagine Drew as a double father - but he is doing a fantastic job.

We will see Keith next month - when he visits us in London.

Earlier in the week he sent this custom made card down. It is covered with pictures of when I was the Big Daddy - my favorite time of life.

Lulu got me the neatest gift. It is a little scanner that scans bills and puts them in your computer. While it scans the paper - it picks out important words and numbers and puts them in a searchable database. Lulu knows how much I love to throw away excess junk - and I get a sick pleasure out of shredding all that paper. Here you see me scanning a copy of the original 1986 title of Lulu's 1986 Dodge Convertible. We bought the car off the original 23 year owner in the middle of corn fields in Illinois.

It is 98 - Lulu is out swimming her laps - and I am shredding old bills in my office.

Happy Fathers Day to you all.

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