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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

MG Replicar Sold for $3200

You win some - you lose some. Last week - I was considering buying this MG Replicar. It is really a VW beetle underneath - with a fiberglass body slipped over the top. It provides the neat look of the old 1953 MG-TD - without all the problems of finding parts and the high cost of maintenance.

The seller was asking $6000 - and I started out with an offer of $2000. The price was eventually lowered to $3500 - and I was considering raising my offer to $3000. But alas - I was too late. Someone else offered $3200 and - poof - it was gone.

That is what it is like - buying and selling on Craigslist. You can find anything you want on CL - then you have the chance to bargain the price. The Tallahassee CL is zooming along. About 100 items are listed an hour during busy times. Usually - you have to drive less than 5 miles to see the items.

There is no fee to list on Craigslist - both the buyer and seller pay nothing. I still do not get why CL is worth billions of dollars - but it is.

Sometimes - you can find a bargain. Then after a little tender loving care - plenty of elbow grease - and a few nice pictures - you can make a few bucks. About 3 years ago I bought a nice little Toyota truck for $2000. Then I cleaned it up and got it painted for $350 and drove it for 2 years. After that I sold it for $3700.

I have bought our other rides - the Dodge convertible - the Prius - the Ford truck - and the Honda Ruckus all on CL. In the case of the Prius - we traded our Honda van for it - saving hundred of dollars of sales tax.

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