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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Here is Where We Stayed in Providence

Providence - Our Hotel on Left - Capitol on Right

Last weekend we got to see our granddaughter Kate for the first time. She lives in Providence RI - with her brother Jack and Mom and Dad. They live right downtown.

We like to stay in the Renaissance Hotel because they offer deeply discounted rooms on for the weekends. It is also a fantastic hotel in the center of things - an easy walk to Drew's condo.

The hotel started out its life as a Masonic Temple in the 30's. It fell into disrepair for many years. Then about 5 years ago - someone dumped a lot of money into it - and now it is a fine 4 star hotel. As you can see by the picture - it is very close to the State Capitol.

Right across the plaza from the hotel is the train station. This is where we caught the Amtrak trains to New York City and Boston. You could go all the way from there to Miami without getting into an auto or plane.

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