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Monday, February 28, 2011

Garage Half Done

The galvanized steel frame is complete. Note the burgundy and clay color scheme. Two white 10 x 10 garage doors go on the front.

Inside - the entire garage is light gray. On the south side will be one white man service door and two small windows.

It was a busy day. The garage crew and kit did not arrive until around noon. Four men worked to assemble it - until it got too dark at 7 PM.

I am impressed with the quality of materials - the engineering of the design - and the professionalism of the crew.

Most of the work today was getting the frame all squared away. After that - the roofing went on fast. The roof panels were about 3 feet wide and the exact length of the roof. the side panels are the exact length for the sides - they overlap and latch together.

Tomorrow - they will install the steel side skin sheets over the frame - and put on the trim. Big jobs left are - hanging two 10 x 10 garage doors - and the hurricane anchors into the ground.

I am disappointed with this time lapsed video. I was using the little camera on my MacBook Air laptop - taking one picture every 20 seconds. This is about one hour's work from 6 PM to 7 PM last night and it was getting very dark. You may ask where the rest of the day's video is - well - some jerk closed the laptop without saving the video. I found a free program called zonMotion. You can set the camera to snap a picture at a chosen time interval.

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