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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Back in the Hotel Room After Being Skunked at Duke

Lulu did not want to give up - anybody have two extra tickets in front of Cameron. A few fellows offered her single tickets - but nothing for her father

Dan and Ann - with Lulu and Me - at the tent city next to Cameron

The Noveys and The Everharts. Harry - Lulu - Bridgit - Dan - Ann - Courtney - Jack - and Courtney's Daughters. Transplanted Coal Crackers.

Harry and Lulu visiting Jack and Charlotte Robinson in Augusta. Jack Everhart was named after this Jack and Lulu's Dad - Jack. This Jack holds a gold medal from the 1948 London Olympics in basketball. What wonderful hosts they are.

Today we met the Novey's in Durham for an early supper and to go to the Duke basketball at Cameron. It was so mice to see their family. We raised our kids together - when we moved from Pennsylvania to Florida - the Novey's went to North Carolina.

We met at the Mellow Mushroom - a pizza restaurant across the street from the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Then around 5 PM - the Novey's followed us to Cameron Indoor Stadium to the game. The Novey's had tickets - given to them by their kids. Lulu and I were going to do our usual "two fingers" routine.

This time it was not meant to be. The game was sold out. The tickets are expensive there - $65 versus the $18 cost of a game at Florida State. Lulu and I stood outside for 90 minutes. Scalpers were offering us tickets for $200 each - but I doubt if you could sell me a Super Bowl ticket for $200. When the smoke cleared - there were several people outside still holding up fingers. We walked back to the car.

The ultimate insult was that usually I do not pay to park. They got $10 out of me for parking.

Lulu and I are back in the hotel room. She is watching the game huddled up in the comforter after surviving the 90 minutes in 40 degree weather - I am trying to finish this story before the back game is over. With 6 minutes left in the game - Duke is beating NC State by 30. The Novey's got to see their first game at Duke's Cameron - and I still have my cash in my pocket.

Cameron holds only 9000 people. Tomorrow - FSU plays UNC in the 22000 seats Dean Dome. Hopefully we will get tickets for a good price.

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