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Thursday, February 10, 2011

6 Days on the Road and I'm Gonna Make It Home Tonight

Snow fell in Atlanta last night as the sign scrolled a welcome to Lulu as she honored this school library

I am sitting in an IHOP Restaurant in Decatur Georgia - where else can you get a t-bone steak - 3 eggs - 3 pancakes - and 2 hours of wifi for $13.

We have been cruising in the Prius for 6 days - 6 different hotels - 3 school visits - a day in the Biltmore Estate in the middle of February and no delays for bad weather. I never realized that Knoxville and Atlanta were only 3 hours apart - and the Prius showed its true colors delivering 51 mpg on that leg.

As I type - Lulu is visiting the Coralwood School in Decatur GA - I am about 1 mile away prepared to extract her at about 12:30. Between now and then - I will update the web page.

This trip started last Friday - leaving Tallahassee early and taking several two lane roads to Augusta GA to visit Jack and Charlotte - the great grandparents of our little ones - Jack and Kate. We had a tour of the town and did an video chat so they could see their second newest family member. While we were away Rebecca and Joe has a little girl - they named Charlotte after this Charlotte.

Saturday we drove to Durham to see Duke play and then Sunday we watched FSU lose at the North Carolina Dean Dome.

Monday was a visit to a school library in Walkertown NC.

Tuesday was a visit to George Washington Vanderbilt's home near Asheville NC called the Biltmore.

Wednesday while Lulu visited a school in Knoxville - I toured the town featuring the University of Tennessee - the World's Fair site - and the East Tennessee History Museum.

Last night we checked into a fantastic Marriott here at 6 pm and did not leave the room until 8 am today. We were glued to the TV to see Georgetown beat Syracuse in the Carrier Dome - then watch Duke fall 16 points behind Carolina only to charge back and win by 6 points in Cameron. Lulu snored through the great comeback and as the horn sounded ending the game - Nancy's snoring signaled the beginning of a long night's sleep.

We woke up to a dusting of snow - but as soon is this school visit is done - we will point the Prius south on I-75 - turn on the auto pilot and be home in 5 hours.

The Toyota Prius we bought is a really nice long legged traveler. We set the cruise at 70 MPH - turn on the audiobook Lulu bought me for my birthday (Keith Richard's - Life) - and point the garnet colored car down the road. It holds 12 gallons - and with yesterday's 51 MPG - would get 600 miles on a tank full of gasoline. The fuel warning light comes on with 4 gallons left- I plan to hack into the computer and have it come on with only 2 gallons left. Still - if we were making our old trip form Tamaqua to Disneyworld - we would only have to stop for gasoline once.

We will be home for two weeks until the next road trip - Texas - Mississippi - and 2 nights in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras.

16 schools down and 20 more to go - so far weather - health - or anything else has altered the tour. You can follow along at - I am truly amazed at the performance of Lulu - and the Prius too.

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