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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Highlights from Our Journey North

On December 1st - we left Tallahassee. After library visits in NJ - PA - DE - DC - VA - we are waiting at the gate in Richmond for our jet. From our hotel room at the Jersey Shore to the one-on-one personal tour we had at the Virginia Capitol - it has been cold and windy trip. We even enjoyed a few snow flurries back in Tamaqua.

Lulu had 5 fantastic library visits. See videos here - I visited museums in Sandy Hook NJ - Dover DE - and Washington Navy Yard.

We got to have dinner with Keith and Liz.

While driving through Maryland countryside - we stumbled on Sudlersville - home of Philadelphia A's star Jimmy Foxx. This cute little library was alongside the road. It is an old church but it was bustling with activity.

Dover Air Base is the center of Air Mobility command. It is the place where all the dead soldiers enter the USA on their last trip home. They had a fine free museum of transport aircraft. That is our Vision Tour car in the foreground.

This plane was used to haul coal into Berlin during the Cold War Berlin Airlift. When the Soviet Union blocked the road to Berlin - the free world flew everything in to break the blockcade.
This is called the Boxcar - the back door opens and stuff was dumped out by parachute.

A highlight of the 8 day trip was dinner with Keith and Liz at our hotel - the new Royal Palms Hotel along the Potomac. This picture was taken in the Christmas Village inside the hotel's giant atrium.