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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Heat The Brick House With Propane

We bought a house down the street. It is about 60 years old and has a propane gas furnace. There is a 250 gallon tank underground in the back yard. The tank is owned by Plantation Propane - so you are stuck with buying gas from them unless you remove their tank and have another company put a tank in.

Monday - I had 100 gallons delivered to the tank. One thing nice about propane is that if it leaks - you smell it - nothing drips into the groundwater - it evaporates. They purposefully put an odor in the gas because propane is normally odorless - and for safety sake they want to be able to detect leaks.

We have installed a city gas line and meter to the house for the water heater - but we cannot find the parts to convert this old gas furnace over to city gas. The entire furnace and AC unit are outside the house - so no gas lines enter the home - making it very safe. this makes it quiet in the house. When this furnace fails - we will buy a one that runs on city gas.

We will now see how much gas it consumes. Propane cost $3 a gallon when you buy it in bulk. You must take a load of at least 75 gallons.