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Friday, November 19, 2010

Son Drew and I Went to JImbo Fisher Luncheon Monday

On Monday after every FSU game - Coach Jimbo Fisher holds a noon luncheon at the stadium. Monday about 200 people turned up - including Drew and I - to listen to the Coach review the game film - break bread - and take questions from the fans.

After lunch - we stopped to have someone take a picture of us near the goal posts that were split by a 55 yard "walk off" field goal that beat Clemson - 16-13 - less than 48 hours ago. Drew and I are about 30 years apart in age - but when it comes to Seminole football we are on the same page.

As I type this - Drew is boarding a plane to go to see FSU play Maryland with his brother Keith. Tickets are provided by my "third" son - UMD master alumni Stephen Simchak.

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