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Monday, November 22, 2010

Someone Broke Into My Web Page

It had to happen - after 5 years of posting stories - videos - and pictures on my web page - the Florida Coal Cracker Chronicles. Yesterday - when I checked my page there were stories and advertisements from someone selling products like knock off Rolex watches.

I have changed my passwords - but that did not help. This morning there were more similar stories on my page. I am guessing some kind of robot is sending spam because the same story appeared again.

Today - I shut down the ability to publish to my web page from the iphone. Maybe the robot is entering through that access. I have also contacted - but they are hard to reach.

Keep watching here for more news about how the robot has taken over my web page.

As a compliment of - this is the first time in 5 years that this web host page has been violated. Not bad for the price - $0.

Tuesday - Looks like I plugged the leak. The material was coming in through a back door I had for posting to my page via email.