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Monday, January 04, 2010

We Will Always Have Gator Bowl 2010


PHOTO - Keith - Lulu - Drew - Harry - Still Crazy After All These Years

It is Monday morning - 9 AM - everyone is back at work. Keith flew back to DC. Drew flew back to Providence. Nancy is in her office working for FSU. I am sitting in front of the fire - 34 degrees outside - thinking about the past two weeks.

The Gator Bowl was fantastic - of course it could have been absolutely miserable if FSU lost Bobby's last game. But they didn't - so an era ends on a high note. Make no mistake - it is absolutely terrible the way FSU fired Bobby Bowden after 33 winning seasons. They are trying to spin it as a mutual thing - but it wasn't and Bobby Bowden told us several times he wanted one more year with this excellent returning team. But as Drew said - we are loyal to Florida State - not one man. It is not the fault of FSU - the decision was made by a board of trustees and a retiring president. It is all over. Bitterness won't help. Go Noles!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two great family holidays. Too bad they fall just one month apart. It would be nice if we celebrated them about 6 months apart. Our next big event is June 20th - Jack' second birthday. This year the party will be at Dr. Bob's house in South Carolina - that is good for us - just a 5 hour drive away. Between now and then - we will be making a few trips north to see everyone.

Wednesday - Lulu flies to DC for a few days to work on a federal project. Then a week later - Lulu and I fly to Boston. She will be at the ALA Convention and I will take a train down to Providence to see Jack.

This year has a few highlights coming up. We spend a month in London this summer. Lulu was also invited as a keynote speaker at an Australian Convention. Lulu's grand tour of the American School Libraries will begin. Drew and Robin will be making their next move after Robin finishes her doctorate. Keith continues his job in DC - new apartment and relationship with Liz in Washington. Everyone is healthy and we have so much to look forward to.

The more I look at the Gator Bowl on Jan 1st 2010 - it is a beginning rather than an end of an era.

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