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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Watching Basketball on Television - The Everhart Bowl

Married folks should have something in common - something silly to share their hours of relaxation. Lulu and I love watching college sports - particularly "Everhart" teams. We have quite a few. Lulu went to Florida State - Keith went to Florida State and Georgetown - Drew went to Duke and Miami. Thanks to Directv - any games we cannot see live - we can see on the tube.

Yesterday was an Everhart Bowl - this is where two of our family teams play each other. Drew's Dukies were playing Keith's Hoyas in Washington. To honor that game - President Obama and Vice-President Biden attended the game along with Keith - Liz - Drew - Robin. It was Drew's birthday - so Robin surprised Drew with a surprise weekend visit to DC. First they dropped Jack off with Charlotte in Baltimore to spend his first night without Mommy or Daddy.

The game was a sellout - Keith offered a ticket to me - but I decided it would be better to stay home and watch it with Lulu. I was happy I did because Washington was having blizzard conditions - and I would not have gotten to see Jack anyway. Lulu and I enjoyed the game and lunch in front of the TV. It is hard to choose a team to root for in that game. In front of the President and a sellout crowd of 20,000 - Georgetown pasted a terrible beating on Duke. The game was never in doubt and the lead sometimes broke 20 points. The President even took the microphone a bit to talk about the game on TV.

Immediately after the Hoya victory - Florida State was playing Boston College up there. Just a week ago we were in Boston - and would have enjoyed seeing that game. The Noles came from being 5 points down at the half to win by 4 points - although the game was in doubt until the end.

So the Everhart teams were 2-1 yesterday. The Noles return home now to play Maryland on Thursday at 9 PM. My "third son" Steve Simchak got his Masters degree at Maryland so again - we will have an Everhart game of sorts. Keith has a friend Steve who always invites him to that game when it is up north. Presently the Terps are leading the ACC - they already beat us once - I hope we can return the favor here.

FSU is doing pretty well this year. They already beat two ACC teams on the road - BC and Georgia Tech. The Noles are young - but feature 4 players that are 6 feet 8 inches or taller.

March Madness is coming up soon - looks like all our teams will make the NCAA playoffs. This year - two games will be played in Providence - in the Dunkin Donuts Arena - just two blocks from the Drews Condo. Can you say road trip?

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