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Friday, January 01, 2010

All Roads Lead to Jacksonville - Everhart's Gather for Bobby's Final Game

Temperature in the 60's. Partly sunny skies. The rains held back for the Gator Bowl Parade yesterday. Bobby's arrival in town in a garnet corvette reminded me a bit of Jesus's ride into town on Palm Sunday. You know something is wrong when the fans of both teams are roaring in appreciation of one man - Bobby Bowden.

The blue and gold garbed of West Virginia fans outnumbered Noles easily 3 to 1. Heck  most of the Seminole fans were still at home watching other games on TV - but Jacksonville was jumping yesterday - hoping to set a crowd record that may stand in this town forever.

Lulu and I arrived in town from Hilton Head SC just in time for the parade. We bought seats along the parade route - we didn't want to miss Bobby's last hurrah. The parade lasted 90 minutes - Bobby and Ann's corvette let the way and new FSU President Eric Barron put an exclamation point on the end.

It is 7 AM game day now - Drew emailed to say he is on the road from Dr. Bob's house in South Carolina. Keith is on the way to the airport in DC to catch his flight. Lulu is primping here with me in our Marriot in Jacksonville. Each of us have a game ticket safely folded up in our wallets. We all plan to meet at "Woodstock."

FSU is a 3 point underdog today. It seems a bit generous for a 6-6 team playing a strong 9-3 West Virginia team. We have already heard that sweet tune "Country Road" a few too many times. I am sure the Mountaineers are just as tired hearing our "War Chant." By game time - both tunes will be unbearable to opposing fans.

Bittersweet is an overused word - but regardless the outcome of the game today - that is my feeling. Bobby has not had a losing campaign in 33 years - and today he has a very good chance of retiring with a 6-7 season record - his total frozen at 388 victories forever. Bobby's hero - George Patton died unceremoniously from a car wreck in Bavaria instead of on the battlefield. In the movie about his life - the last line he mutters is, "All glory is fleeting."

Keith and his blowoff shirt on Christmas.
Drew showing Jack's great grandparent Charlotte and Jack some videos.
Dr. Bob's new house and guest house near Hilton Head where we stayed.
Bobby Bowden leading the Gator Bowl Parade.

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