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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

8 Days in Boston

Last night we made it safely to our Westin Hotel on the Boston Waterfront just in time to watch FSU basketball get beaten by North Carolina State. The hotel is top drawer with a beautiful view of downtown and the docks. The Boston Convention Center is hooked to our hotel by a covered walkway.

By 8 AM - Lulu was dressed and long gone doing what librarians do at their national mid-winter convention - I almost said vacation. Because to me - it is 8 days to explore the city and also travel to Providence to see grandson Jack.

At 9 AM - it is 18 degrees here not much colder than what we left in Florida. The highest temperature this week is expected to be 43 degrees. At least the chimney smoke is going straight up indicating not much wind out there. We only spent a few seconds outside - from the airport to the taxi - and from the taxi to the hotel door.

As you can see by the video above - there is snow on the convention center's roof - but the sky is a clear blue.

When I retired at 55 almost 7 years ago - I never imagined getting opportunities like this to visit one of the major settings of learning in the world. I read where there are 177 colleges in the area - I plan to visit a few.

If anyone has some good suggestions of places to visit and eat - let me know. I am looking forward to reporting back to you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Harry

You are a lucky man.

I think you already know it.

Your friend Jim