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Monday, January 18, 2010

8 Days In Boston - But Best 3 Days With Jack

My grandson Jack lives in Providence RI. His Mom is interning at Brown University and his Dad is a research scientist for Syracuse University. We get to see him every chance we can. They came to Florida for Christmas.

Lulu had an 8 day convention in Boston. Since Providence is just 40 minutes away by train - we got to see Jack a lot. He is 19 months old now and growing up way too fast.

He has a love of learning and his Dad is a bit of a "taskmaster" as a teacher - but Jack does not seem to mind.

In the first video you see how much Jack enjoys talking and learning his alphabet.

Today was special. Although it was snowing here - Jack and Drew piled into the train and made the trip to Boston. I met them at the train station and we had a great day. Part of the time we spent at the convention hotel. We had lunch there - a long walk indoors - and Jack even got a nap. The afternoon was more exciting - we explored the Boston Aquarium.

Before we knew it - it was 5 PM and time to catch the train home. Good-byes are the toughest - but we exchanged hugs - kisses - and goodbyes - then Jack faded in the distance waving over his Dad's shoulder.

When we were out the other day - Drew got the best compliment ever in a restaurant. Drew is quite the picture carrying the "managerie" for Jack to travel. Besides a stroller - diaper bag - blankets - and favorite stuffed animals - he keeps a stash of emergency food and drinks in his pockets. After a long wait for our food with Jack being particularly good - a lady said to me, "Your son is an excellent mother!"

I said, "yes he is," but I thought even more that he is a great Dad - man - and my hero.

Jack loved the aquarium - partucularly seeing the Clown Fish - Nemo.

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