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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Seminoles Advance to Elite 8 After An "Overtime" Win Over Kentucky

For Lulu - George - Joel - and I - it took our TV plugged into the computer to produce a watchable game from 0 degrees Minnesota in 45 degrees Tallahassee. But the hot and cold Seminole girls rallied when it counted to beat Kentucky in the 5th set that included 3 match points.

KY jellied the first set - then FSU captured numbers 2 and 3. KY evened it in number 4 - so everything hinged on a short 15 point tiebreaker set. The scored in that 5th set was knotted at 15-15 - but the winner had to win by 2 points. FSU was in this position once before in one of their only 2 losses this year. It was in Gainesville against those nasty Gators. This time the Noles prevailed - and hearing that Penn State eliminated the Gators was a just reward.

Tonight the Seminoles must play Minnesota on their home court to advance to the final 4 in Tampa next week. Minnesota moved to tonight's game by beating Colorado State after the Seminoles game on the same court.

Lulu has booked hotel rooms for Tampa next weekend. The favorite to win it all is Penn State University. They are on a 59 game winning streak.

Go Noles!

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