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Sunday, December 13, 2009

FSU Girls' Volleyball Season Ends in Minnesota - Elite 8

Last night was Lulu's faculty Christmas party. Too bad it was scheduled for the exact time that the Seminoles would be playing in Minnesota on their quest of a national championship. We set the "tivo" to record the game - as we left the party - everyone that cared already knew that FSU was already eliminated. Everyone but us.

We got home and quickly changed into our lounging clothes. Lulu had two beers at the party - so I was sure she would not see much of the match because she looked way too comfortable on the couch. We flipped the game on.

Through the luck of the draw - Minnesota was going to be playing in their hometown and on their home court - even though they had the lower seed and season record. The temperature was zero outside - and 4 games later - FSU was frozen. Minnesota moves on to the final four and a trip to Tampa this Thursday.

Lulu  napped through much of the match - FSU tried hard - and they joined three other schools for the elimination trip home. The team is young and they have gotten a taste of the big time.

FSU ended with a 32-3 record. The game was dominated by Minnesota 6'6" freshman Tabitha Love. She was a one woman picket fence denying FSU many points. She also had 22 kills of her own. That is her on the right in the photo above.

FSU loses 4 starting seniors  that can say, "Here's looking at you girls.....we will always have Minnesota." A strong nucleus returns that looks forward to something greater.

Elite 8 - not too shabby.

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