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Sunday, September 24, 2017

FSU is 0-2 - and the Schedule Looks Tougher

Lulu and Sandi in the Champions Club

I am near-sighted - but that
has to be the worst view in the stadium

Can you pick out the 6 games the Noles will win
to make it to a bowl and winning season?

The once ranked number 3 Florida State is 0-2 - they are likely to have the first losing season since 1976 - when Bobby Bowden had his first and only losing season 5-6. Not only are we in danger of a losing season - but also not playing in a bowl - because with only 11 games this season - they may not get 6 wins required to be in a bowl. Look at the schedule above - which 6 will they beat? Maybe they will reschedule Louisiana - Monroe.

My brother in law - Jackie Cox said that it looks like tickets in Tallahassee will be really cheap this year. He is right. Lulu went to the game and sat in the Champions Club (nice food - drinks - and air conditioner) She said the stadium was maybe 70% full tops. From up there in the rafters - I do not think she sees the individual empty seats. It looked worse on TV. Yes - I sat home and watched it alone on the big screen.  Sandi - our friend from down by Disney - drove up to be with us. I am not a fan of the Champions Club - and all it stands for. Also - I am recovering from surgery - but that is just an excuse. Tickets were being given away outside the stadium.

I remind Lulu that FSU keeps moving up in the rankings - academic rankings. Although the football team brings in the publicity - FSU's moving up in the academic rankings to number 33 is so much more important. Lulu's FSU school library program is ranked number 1 in the nation for 4 years in a row. That is what really matters to us. I tease her that her paycheck comes in every other Thursday no matter what the football score is. Jimbo is safe. He has a contract of over $5 million a year for 5 years - right now that could be a plus and a minus.

We finally got the motorhome of our dreams - and I doubt that FSU will be in a New Years Bowl to attend with it.

So there is no joy in Mudville. Maybe it is the post-surgery drugs - but right now - football in Tallahassee is on thin ice.

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