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Monday, May 01, 2017

Visting Old Friends - Dick and Jan Davis - in Maricopa Arizona

We just spend 9 days in Arizona - much of it with our buddies Jan and Dick Davis. They have lived in Arizona for the past 35 years where Dick worked in the funeral industry. Of course - they are famous back in Pennsylvania for running Davis Funeral Home - the hub of activity in Tamaqua PA for years.

We were friends when they left Tamaqua - and we are now best friends since we left Tamaqua. We have so much in common to talk about. We were lucky to be able to rent a home across the street from the Davis's. Half the time we spent in Tucson - Bisbee - Tombstone - and Benson. The other half was spent waking up across the street and having meals together and enjoying sunrises.

In our group is also Carl and Marylou Zimmerman - they were also in our rat pack back home. They are coming out to Arizona to visit in a couple weeks. It would have been perfect to have them with us in that rental home across the street.

Maricopa is a new town developed on land in the Ak-Chin Indian Reservation. It is well equipped with recreational facilities - beautiful gardens - and a Harrah's Casino. The desert was in beautiful bloom - and we were not ready for how green it was. It is fleeting though - summer comes quickly with its 100+ temperature days. We experienced humidity below 5% - you dry out quickly here.

This trip was the official opening of Lulu's 16 months of sabbatical from FSU. Yes - she will be doing project while on leave - but we will mostly be on the road. A sabbatical is supposed to be a retreat - a word Lulu does not understand. We hope to see Dick and Jan again during the "retreat."

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