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Monday, May 29, 2017

Panama City Trip - Campers - Beach - Hofbrau House - Tiny Homes

Lulu liked this little lightweight trailer.
This diesel Freightliner was nice at $49k. 

Over the weekend we went to Panama City Beach for the holiday. It was sort of a bribe though. I wanted to see 4 campers I was interested in that were listed on Craigslist. Getting Lulu to co-operate - simply bribe her with the beach. We made the stops early and by 1 PM she was in the sand. 

The campers were all nice - but the motor homes were overpriced for their age and miles. The trailer was only two years old and well kept - it looked like new. The 3 motor homes were all about 9 years old and had on about 100,000 miles. They were priced from $49000 to $53000. 

The trailer is a 2016 Rpod by Forest River. they list at $16000 new. This guy wanted $10,500 for his - I offered $9000. We liked them all - but our hearts not into any one of them.

Let me explain our situation. We like having a camper to travel in - sleep in - use the bathroom. We are not big "sit around the campsite" people. We like to visit cities - museums - historical things - shop. We like to camp at parking meters. 

Also - Lulu is really good at getting top grade hotels at low prices. He FSU card gets her government rates - which are usually half price. She also shops the internet. When holiday hotel rooms at the beach were going for $300 - she got us a Hampton Inn for ⅓ of that.  Make no mistake about it - staying in a 5 star hotel room is ALWAYS better than a camper.

Finally - Lulu has me all over the world -and you can't drive a camper over the ocean - yet. For example - we will be in London the whole month of July. We just spent March in Spain - and last year we spent Feb-Mar-Apr in Germany. She has been named a Fulbright Specialist - which means we will be having 2 extended stays in 2 foreign countries in the next 3 years. Nothing worse than having a camper sit out front as a lawn ornament. So I am guessing - unless the perfect bargain comes along - no more campers for a while. 

This 2008 Pleasureway was $53k.
This 2009 Mercedes was $49k.

There bed in the Mercedes was electric.
This Freightliner was clean with 60k miles.

I loved the Freightliner cab.
On the way home we stopped at a Tiny House development just west of Tallahassee. They remind me of cabins at the state park. They have full bathrooms - little bedrooms - kitchenettes in the living room.  They are cute - but are like living in a camper that does not move. You better build them in the right place.

I would like to have my builder Gary put a couple in our back yard. There is a big market here for AirBnB cottages - with the sporting events - etc. Lulu says I can have 2 but they must include a pool. Shot down again. 

Tiny Houses
They remind me of cabins in the Poconos

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