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Friday, April 28, 2017

Visiting the Sonoran Desert in Spring

25 years ago - Lulu had an early college teaching job at the University of Arizona. Our family would come to Tucson to enjoy the beauty of the desert. The Sonoran Desert stretches from Tucson all the way down to deep in Mexico. It is the only place where Jaguars live in the USA. My favorite member of the plant family here is the Suguaro Cactus - it is the only place in the world where they grow wild. 

During the spring these giant - human-like plants - are fresh and green with flowers sprouting from a normally tough dry skin. We saw some as high as 60 feet with many arms sticking out. Out in the field - they remind you of a troop of soldiers standing guard - still and silent. 

This is the view from our hotel room balcony

This guy greeted Lulu on her entrance to the 
Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum

The old Studebaker Lark greets you to the museum

In the spring - even the desert stems are green

Desert fruit

Yellow cactus flower dominated

Two turtles romancing

Prairie dogs

Arms all over the place

A hidden Mickey

Cactus are barbed. They go in easy and then are hooked

These flowers were 30 feet up

These cactus are normally dry and drab

This coyote could roam - we were fenced in

Flower on normally dry cactus

The desert in bloom is unexpectedly beautiful

Garnet and Gold desert flowers

Hummingbird in nest

Desert cowboy hats

The Star Pass

With 5% to 10% humidity -
underwear and socks dry in minutes

The view from our Star Pass Marriot

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