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Monday, April 24, 2017

Visiting Jan - Dick - and The Desert in Spring

Our guest house and rental car in Arizona
Saturday morning we flew to Arizona. The jets went from Tallahassee to Atlanta to Phoenix. Our rental car took us the 30 miles south to Maricopa. We are staying in a retirement home of a friend - just across the street. Maricopa is a booming town just south of Phoenix. We are just off I-10 - the highway running east and west from Florida to California.

The temperatures are already up to 100 - and the desert flowers are in bloom. It is a nice adjustment from the humid subtropical climate of Tallahassee.

Last fall Dick and Jan came to Tallahassee for a football game. After a few days together at our home - we spent some time in Panama City together. We threatened to get a camper and drive the 1800 miles -   but a 4 hour flight on a 2 for 1 jet ticket prevailed over the camper purchase and 27 hours of driving.

Dick retired two years ago at 65 - only to run into a bout with cancer that he is still gallantly fighting. He could not have a better partner than Jan. I admire them both immensely.

Dick resumed treatment today - so we plan to go down state to visit some tourist destinations. We will return to Maricopa for the weekend - then fly home Sunday. It is a shame to leave this lovely guest house behind for 4 nights.

During the summers of 1992 and 1993 - Lulu taught at the University of Arizona. We lived there a month each summer - when our sons were in junior high. We plan to re-visit Tucson - Tombstone - Bisbee - and Fort Huachuca.

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