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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One Week Later - My Index Finger Bionic Joint

One week ago - the Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic installed an artificial joint in my right index finger. For 20 years I had arthritis in both my index fingers - I was tired of the pain and lack of use. It was getting harder to do heavy work because of the pain and lack of motion. I had bone to bone contact - all the time. Cortisone shots helped but I wanted more range of motion.

Last Tuesday - I was in the clinic for about 2 hours. They put me to sleep - and later I walked out with the new hinge. Since then - I have had it in a padded "holster." This morning I removed the dressings to see the work. I am impressed how clean it is - also the nice sewing work of 7 stitches. It is not swolen and there is no pain.

I am not taking any drugs for it except an aspirin now and then.

I will not bend it until the stitches are removed and the physical therapy starts. I am not putting any pressure on it yet. We will keep a bandage on it during the day for padding.

I plan on having the left index finger done as soon as we get home.

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