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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

April 2, 1916 - Dad Would Be 101 Now

My Dad - 
Harry "Happy" Everhart

Harry Nathan Everhart - 1916 to 1982 - coal miner. This picture was sent along with his application for Miners Asthma benefits. He was 60 
in picture - he died at age 66.

Dad died. It feels like yesterday - but it was 35 years ago in 1982. He was 66 years and 2 days old. He was a coal miner at Number 8 in Coaldale PA for 25 years - 1934 to 1959. It is funny how your job identifies and defines you - his life was dominated by lungs full of coal dust.

He grew up in Coaldale in a company home. When he was 7 - his father left and Dad refused to talk about him ever again. When the company wanted to throw his Mom and the 4 kids out of the company patch home in Seek - he agreed to go into the mine and be "indentured" to the company. "He sold his soul to the company store." At age 7.

Coaldale PA - Number 8 Colliery

Many of you still remember Dad from his time in the mine - his playing piccolo for the Coaldale Victory Band - his 10 year stint as a scoutmaster at Troop 161 in Snyders PA - and his time as chief engineer  at the South Ward Fire Company. I was lucky. 

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