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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Costco Offers An Excellent Entry Level Electric Bike

While visiting Costco yesterday - I stumbled onto a very nice electric bike. 

I own an electric car - had a golf cart - electric scooters - and another electric bike. As you get older - having a motor to assist you along makes a lot of sense. 

Simply - this bike has a 250 watt electric motor and an 8 amp hour battery. It powers the bike at about 20 MPH for 20 miles. You can pedal along and go farther - or turn the motor off and just pedal. 

The bike is on sale for $1200 - normally $1500. Electric bikes can be purchased with high price tags -some over $10,000. The GenZe bike is made by Mahindra - a large firm in India. Parts and service are available. There are good reviews on youtube.

The bike only weighs 47 pounds with battery. It would be easy for lifting onto car racks or into campers. The battery can removed from the frame with a key. If one drove the bike to work - they could charge their battery in the office - protecting it from crooks. The lithium battery is a big part of the price. 

I am tempted to buy 2. Lulu says she would drive it to work. There are protected bikes paths from our house to her office. She can't go on them with her scooter. 

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