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Thursday, February 09, 2017

69th Birthday With Friends and Family

This is what 69 looks like. Curled over -
drooling over ice cream
Carl is a radio expert. Here he is among the radios
at the DeVoe Moore Museum

Over 200 perfectly restored cars - including a
Tucker - and 2 GT 40 Fords.

Lulu loved this 1956 Chevy Nomad with suitcase.
69 is a big number for me. It was in the Summer of 69 that I was a life guard at the Bungalow Pool in Tamaqua - where I met a 15 year old girl in a bikini. I asked her out on a date to a concert in Woodstock NY. Mother Betty did not let her go - but I came home and told Lulu all about it. She was amused and 2 years later we eloped to Miami Beach and spent the summer there. We returned to Tamaqua in the fall. 

Monday was my 69th birthday. I officially retired 14 years ago on my 55th. My lovely wife Lulu has made the last 14 years the best of my life. When you are old and senile - the last day is the best day - and the last people you meet are the best. People are very forgiving of your faults. 

The best present was when Carl and Marylou Zimmerman chose to drive up from Tampa to spend a few days with us. We had so much fun. We went to a basketball game - the car museum - the Tallahassee Museum - shopping in Thomasville GA - and sausage sandwiches at Bradley's Country Store in Georgia. 

Monday started out with a before game supper with George - Joel - Joan - Carl - Marylou - Lulu and me. Lulu made a big pot of German brats. Then we had my favorite lava cake with ice cream. This was followed by the FSU girls pounding visiting Miami. 

A real highlight was a visit to Devoe Moore's Auto Museum. Besides giving Florida State $50 million - DeVoe loves old cars - and has a shop on the premises that does full restorations. The collection also includes a diverse collection of radios - boat motors - dolls - farm tools - toys - motorcycles - knives - you name it. For $15 - you can enjoy until your eyes glaze over. 

I have already lived 3 years beyond my Dad. I feel healthier than ever. We do not know when our time is up - but I feel like I am in the gun lap. Lulu has us going 100 miles per hour - things are flying by. 

Our next adventure is March 1st to March 19th. We will be in Spain then circling the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise. We will be in Barcelona Spain - Valencia Spain - Majorca Spain - Marseille France - Savona Italy - Naples Italy - Palermo Sicily - and finally Malta. We hope you follow along on this webpage - and I hope I can keep up with Lulu. I carry her bags. 

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